How to reach Kaišiadorys region

If you’re planning a trip around, or through Lithuania, we highly recommend staying in Kaišiadorys region. We could offer 31 place where you could rest during your travel. We’re located in the centre of Lithuania, from here you could easily reach all popular places around the country.

Travelling by a plane

If you are planning a trip by plane, you will land in capital Vilnius, or in a second largest city – Kaunas. The most popular airlines in Lithuania are Rynair and Wizzair – we suggest using their services. After an arrival you could rent a car, it is the most expensive option. Of course, you could ask your host to take from an airport, Kaišiadorys district is just half an hour way from Kaunas and an hour from Vilnius, travelers use this option quite often. To reach Kaišiadorys from Vilnius is easier, because the train could take you from an airport to Kaišiadorys centre, have in mind – you will need to change trains in the Vilnius central train station. After an arrival to Kaišiadorys you could use local taxi services in order to reach your host.

Travelling by a train

Kaišiadorys is located on the very important railway crossroad. The train Vilnius – Kaunas runs very often, from Klaipėda it runs once/twice a day. There is no direct train from Kaunas airport. In order to reach Kaišiadorys from Kaunas, you should go to a city centre by bus and from there by train to Kaišiadorys.

Travelling by a car

Most intensive road in Lithuania are just six kilometers from Kaišiadorys city center, it is the central point between Kaunas and Vilnius. You should plan a trip to one of these cities and after that you could travel directly to our region. We have a good and clearly understandable road infrastructure, so it is very easy to reach us by car.

Travelling by a bicycle

Although we do not have good infrastructure for cyclists, we notice that this travel option becomes more and more popular. You could use a train to take a bicycle with you. If you’re planning to live in a tent, it is possible to rent a place from the rural tourism services providers (map is down bellow).

What to do?

Here you could find top 17 places which is worth your time while traveling in Kaišiadorys.

Where to live?

You could use Trip advisor while booking a place for your stay, as well as Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association platform. Down bellow you could find all places where you could eat, sleep and have a great time while visiting Kaišiadorys region.

Viktoras Pinkevičius


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